Reduced Mobility

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To meet the needs of all those who use our services, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has developed a range of services aimed at simplifying and streamlining airport procedures.

One of these services is MyWay, a service that complements the wide range of facilities available at ANA airports and aims to offer assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.

MyWay is a personalized service, included among interventions at ANA airports, such as mechanical aids, esclators and moving walkways, lifts, signage and wayfinding, as well as qualified staff, providing total assistance.
On this site you will find all the information you need to simplify your journey.​ 

MyWay, your way to arrive at your destination in comfort and safety.

Who is eligible?

Any person with a disability or reduced mobility who intends to use commercial passenger services, departing, arriving or stopping over at na Airport situated in the territory of a Member State to which the Treaty applies.

How to pre-book?

The MyWay service should be pre-booked with the air carrier or its agent when reserving the journey, up to 48 hours before the published departure time for the flight. This information is immediately transmitted to the airports involved which will provide the necessary assistance.

What type of assistance is provided?

On Boarding

When arriving at the airport, passangers should look for signs indicating what we call the Designated Point of Arrival, Here, passengers should inform the MyWay Service of their arrival at the Airport, using the telephone provided for this purpose.
Passenger will then be assisted to their seat on the aircraft, where the Airport’s responsibility ends. During this time they are entitled to personal assistance and assistance with luggage: at the check-in, security controls, border controls and on boarding.

On Arrival

For arriving passengers, the air carrier or it’s agent should notify the Airport of the need to provide the MyWay service. Passengers are thus provided assistance from their seat on the aircraft to the Designated Point of Departure in the Arrivals Area of the Airport, where the Airport’s responsibility ends. During this time they are entitled to personal assistance and assistance with luggage.
Note: Agents designated to provide MyWay service assistance can be identified by their sleeveless jackets with the MyWay pictogram.


If you have requested the MyWay service, on arrival at the airport, look for the designated arrival point opposite Banco Santander - a telephone point marked with the MyWay logo.

Use the telephone to inform the service that you have arrived at the airport and wait for personal and baggage assistance, which will be provided at check-in, security control, border controls and boarding.