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  • Prices

    Prices per locker and per 3-hour period:

    Small_ 3,00€ | 36cm X 48cm X 90cm

    Medium_ 5,00€ | 36cm X 65cm X 90cm

    Large_ 7,00€ | 36cm X 99cm X 90cm

    XL_ 9,00€ | 72cm X 99cm X 90cm

    Surf_ 9,00€ | 36cm X 200cm X 90cm

    Minimum payment: 3 hours.


    After the minimum period of 3 hours the locker will not open until an additional payment is made:

    Small_ up to 24h (6,00€) | up to 48h (10,00€)

    Medium_ up to 24h (8,00€) | up to 48h (14,00€)

    Large_ up to 24h (12,00€) | up to 48h (22,00€)

    XL_ up to 24h (16,00€) | up to 48h (30,00€)

    Surf_ up to 24h (16,00€) | up to 48h (30,00€)


    All additional payments are made on collection of luggage.

    Prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.


    After this period, the contents of the locker will be removed and stored, subject to an additional daily fee of 20,00€.

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