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Airport services

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  • Protection

    Designed to ensure maximum protection for your baggage, our stretch folio film – ultra tough, with elasticity up to 300% and 100% recyclable – is rough on one side, for added grip, and smooth on the other, so it slides easily around the baggage carousels used by airports.
    Because it is resistant to water, oil, heat and cold, and easy to remove after use, it is ideal to protect your baggage against: 

    - Breakage / damage / scratches
    - Rain / dirt
    - Accidental opening
    - It also acts as a deterrent against partial or total theft.

  • Tracking

    The SafeBagCode is a customer support service that, through a sticker with an identification code, allows tracking and identifying your lost baggage, even if it does not have an airline and/or passenger identification tag. 

    Thus, in case of loss, through a simple and effective procedure, Safe Bag quickly helps customers track their baggage:

    – The Safe Bag Customer Service contacts the Lost and Found departments of several airports on a daily basis, to identify any Safe Bag baggage items; 

    – When a customer loses their baggage, they can contact the Safe Bag Customer Service by phone (available 24/7) or e-mail, and provide their SafeBagCode; 

    – Safe Bag matches the BagCode provided by the customer with that of the airport, and calls the customer to inform them of the location of their baggage.

  • Guarantee Insurance

    This insurance, whose coverage is valid from the moment when your baggage is packaged by Safe Bag and inside the airport, guarantees the reimbursement for the bag and any personal effects in case of lost or damaged baggage: 

    – Up to €3,000.00 in case of irrecoverable loss.
    - Up to €800.00 in case of damage.

    The Safe Bag policy is to reimburse more than 100% of customers who are entitled to compensation. That is, compensation is sometimes given to passengers who are not fully entitled, such as people who have failed to notify the claim within the required deadline of five days. This way, affected customers are Safe Bag's most loyal customers, as they already had the opportunity to try and test the quality of our service and can, thus, confirm and publicise the positive image of our company.

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