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Fast Track is the solution for passengers that have no time to waste or that want to enjoy every moment at the airport, without rushing or queueing.This is a priority channel, which allows getting through the security checkpoint faster.

Book your it now and you're free to go: keep moving with Fast Track.


How can I get Fast Track?

The Fast Track service can be purchased directly from ANA Aeroportos of Portugal or through the airline or travel agent.

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal:

Make your reservation on this page or on the ANA app and proceed to payment.

You will receive a document with a QR code, by email. Have it available on your mobile phone and/or print it.

 Airline or travel agent:

When booking your flight, request the Fast Track service. Access will be available directly on the QR code on your boarding pass.


How does access work? 

Present your boarding pass (and the document with the QR code, if you book the service directly to ANA) to the security agents in the Fast Track priority channels

   Terminal 1 - At boarding control, the Fast Track service is provided in the two dedicated channels available on the right.

   Terminal 2 - Access is made in check-in hall, in a channel duly identified and shared with staff, before boarding control.

Note: Fast Track passengers are granted priority, even when X-ray equipment is being used by other passengers and the metal detection equipment is being shared by the regular security control.


Please note that, even though Fast Track speeds up your way to the flight, by reducing queueing times, it does not replace or speed up the mandatory check-in, security screening or boarding procedures. Thus, it is always advisable that you reserve time for these procedures.

Opening hours: 05h00 - 23h00


We alert that, in case of strike, the Fast Track channel may be conditioned, and another channel may be available for use.




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