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  • Marrakesh


    Expiration: 26.10.2022

    Africa Marrakech

    Loose yourself in Marrakesh! Two direct weekly flights from Porto to Marrakesh available on Thursdays and Sundays. Explore the Moroccan capital, the ideal fusion of tradition and modernity, with unique monuments, colours, scents and sensations.

  • Tel Aviv, New route

    Sun d'Or International Airlines
    Tel Aviv, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Asia Tel Aviv

    Discover the beauties of Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel, located on the shores of the Mediterranean, with beautiful beaches for lovers of nautical sports, a dynamic night life and a rich culture and gastronomy.

  • Shannon, New route

    Shannon, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Shannon

    Shannon located in central Ireland, encompassing counties Limerick and Clare, on the banks of the Shannon River, where the impressive cliffs and green pastures cluster and the riverside towns are home to ancient monuments.

  • Riga, New route and airline

    Air Baltic Corp.
    Riga, New route and airline

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Riga

    Visit Riga this summer, the capital of Latvia on the Baltic Sea! The town square is an excellent starting point with the beautiful architecture of the buildings of House of the Black Heads and the Town Hall.

  • Copenhagen, New airline

    Copenhagen, New airline

    Expiration: 20.10.2023

    Europe Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful Nordic cities in Europe. On foot or by bike, discover the most surprising corners of the Danish capital and enjoy a Smørrebrød, the symbol of Danish food.

  • Strasbourg, New route

    Strasbourg, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Strasbourg

    Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Due to the richness and density of its heritage, the city centre was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Due to its history, art of living and gastronomy, it deserves a visit!

  • Glasgow, New Route

    EasyJet Europe
    Glasgow, New Route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Glasgow

    Explore Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. One hour from Edinburgh, Glasgow surprises with its tranquility.

  • Castellón, New route

    Castellón, New route

    Expiration: 24.10.2023

    Europe Castellón

    Travel along the coast and inland of the province of Castellon and let yourself be surprised by the history and customs that surround this destination.

  • Nimes, New Route

    Nimes, New Route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Nimes

    Located between the sea and the Cévennes hills, Nimes is one of the most attractive cities in Mediterranean France.

  • Oslo, New airline

    Oslo, New airline

    Expiration: 19.10.2023

    Europe Oslo, Gardermoen

    Discover the most breathtaking beauty of the Norwegian capital by visiting the Oslo fjord, a natural paradise very close to the capital.

  • Maastricht, New route

    Maastricht, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Maastricht

    Are you looking for a pleasant city, full of history, art, and culture, surrounded by stunning nature, in a mountainous region? Then you should visit Maastricht, located in the south of Netherlands.

  • Luanda, New Route

    TAP Portugal
    Luanda, New Route

    Expiration: 20.10.2023

    Africa Luanda

    This summer, travel to Luanda and enjoy the capital of Angola to the fullest, with an average temperature of 25ºC and a tropical climate to envy.

  • Vienna, New Airline

    Vienna, New Airline

    Expiration: 24.10.2023

    Europe Vienna

    Get lost in the heart of Europe, explore the wonderful historical sights and romantic streets! Travel to Vienna, the city of music, and visit St. Stephen's Cathedral

  • Leeds, New route

    Leeds, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Leeds

    Leeds is a destination worth visiting! It is a city located in the north of England and is known for its lively nightlife, pubs, and clubs.

  • Palermo, New Route

    EasyJet Europe
    Palermo, New Route

    Expiration: 29.08.2023

    Europe Palermo

    Discover the capital of Sicily and the largest Italian island. Palermo, in addition to having a rich historic center, offers paradisiacal beaches bathed by the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

  • Rome Fiumicino, New rute

    Wizz Air
    Rome Fiumicino, New rute

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Rome, Fiumicino

    The Italian capital since 1870 and the world center of Christianity, Rome is one of the main destinations for international tourism as it is home to the Vatican state, historic buildings, and an unrivaled archaeological and artistic heritage.

  • Trapani, New route

    Trapani, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Trapani

    Trapani known as the "city of salt and sailing" is an excellent option for those who need a break in a natural space and get away from the rhythm of the city.

  • Naples, New Route

    EasyJet Europe
    Naples, New Route

    Expiration: 24.10.2023

    Europe Naples

    Discover the third largest city in Italy. The Naples region has a variety of significant cultural and historical sites, including the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and natural beauties such as Posillipo, Campos Flégreos or Mount Vesuvius.

  • Berlin


    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Berlin Brandenburg

    Berlin captivates with its variety of tourist attractions, rich cultural life and lively yet relaxed way of life.

  • Nantes


    Expiration: 30.10.2023

    Europe Nantes

    Visit Nantes. In addition to its history, it is a very modern city. Discover the magnificent theaters and street art. In the evening, enjoy views of the magnificent harbor.

  • Casablanca

    Royal Air Maroc

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Africa Casablanca, Mohamed V

    Travel with Royal Air Maroc and get to know Casablanca the most cosmopolitan and western city in Morocco. Be sure to visit the Hassan II Mosque, famous for its 200-meter-tall minaret (tower of the mosque), the tallest in the world.

  • Turin, New route

    Turin, New route

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Turim

    Turin the first capital of Italy is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy. Surrounded by mountains, hills and rich in parks, it enchants with its exquisite architecture and gastronomy.

  • Brest, New Route

    Transavia France
    Brest, New Route

    Expiration: 26.10.2022

    Europe Brest

    In Brest you can discover something new every day! The French city has a lot to offer, botanical gardens, national reserves, the Oceanópolis with 3 pavilions, 50 aquariums and a million species of fish.

  • Reykjavik, New route, and airline

    Reykjavik, New route, and airline

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Reykjavik

    You have now the opportunity to visit Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, and largest city. Let yourself be conquered by the smell of the sea air, the sound of the sea waves, the strong colors of the houses, the roughness of the sidewalks and the sweet flavors.

  • Bristol


    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Bristol

    Visit Bristol and its excellent network of free museums, one of Europe's leading interactive science centres, the suspension bridge and one of the oldest zoos in the world.

  • Copenhagen, New airline

    SAS Scandinavian
    Copenhagen, New airline

    Expiration: 23.10.2023

    Europe Copenhagen

    Visit Copenhagen and inspire art all over the city! Discover the most surprising corners of the Danish capital.

  • Wroclaw, New route

    Wroclaw, New route

    Expiration: 25.10.2023

    Europe Wroclaw

    Visit Wroclaw one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. Located at the foot of the Sudetes, crossed by the numerous tributaries and canals of the river Oder, it is a city with 12 islands and more than 100 bridges.

  • Stockholm, New route

    Stockholm, New route

    Expiration: 20.10.2023

    Europe Stockholm, Arlanda

    The capital of Sweden is a typically Nordic city known as the city of 14 islands. Stockholm has the oldest open-air museum in the world, the Skansen, which houses old houses from different eras, a zoo with Nordic animals.