• Award highlights responsibility and commitment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
• Agility and adaptability of the team and infrastructure praised
• ACI recognises focus on innovation and improving the passenger experience

Lisbon airport was named “Best European Airport 2020” by ACI Europe, the international airport organisation. This award singles out the responsibility and commitment of Humberto Delgado Airport in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Humberto Delgado Airport – as well as all the airports run by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal – implemented protective measures at the onset of this crisis (December 2019), working closely with the health authorities, adding measures and improving procedures whenever necessary. The award for Lisbon is in the category of airports handling between 25 and 40 million passengers.

In addition to following the guidelines from the health authorities, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal promotes the development of innovation applied to airport operations, with the aim of increasing health safety and improving the passenger experience. In compliance with national and international regulations, the airport adapts its spaces to the required infection mitigation measures whenever necessary.

In addition to the social distancing recommendations – through signs and adapting spaces - reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection using the most innovative procedures, checking the temperature of all arriving passengers, passenger flows were also adjusted in order to prevent high passenger concentration areas and a strong communication/information campaign for passengers was implemented (“Protecting each other” - VINCI Airports - implemented in the 45 airports in the network, giving passengers the same visual references in all its airports).

Of note is the digital platform - U-monitor – which monitors these measures and records feedback from passengers with real-time responses, using a QR code, the implementation of contactless solutions and the use of disinfection equipment with advanced UV technology for large areas and equipment, such as counters, luggage trolleys, x-ray trays, etc.

It quickly contracted and implemented PCR laboratory tests for passengers coming from certain countries and supported the logistics for implementing the PLC (passenger locator card). All shops, restaurants and other places of business also follow the general rules defined by Portuguese legislation.

Last June, ANA's airports obtained the CLEAN & SAFE seal of approval from Turismo de Portugal, as well as Bureau Veritas certification in September as a result of an audit process.

Of note is the work done in conjunction with tourism bodies and our different national and international partners in order to ensure that the measures implemented are integrated along the entire passenger route, thus assuring greater protection and trust.
These specific measures are continually assessed and are reinforced and added to whenever the situation so requires.

The agile and efficient response in the implementation of the health measures shows how adaptable the teams are, which made it possible to keep national airports fully operational throughout these months.

ANA is totally committed to contributing to the national risk mitigation effort, assuring the continuity of the public service, the operation of Aeroportos de Portugal, as safely as possible.

Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI Airports, said: "We are very honoured with the partnership that has been in place with the Portuguese authorities since 2013. VINCI Airports intends to continue developing Lisbon airport as an efficient, sustainable and innovative gateway that will contribute to economic recovery and to the tourism sector in Portugal”.