On 26 October 2016, Faro Airport reached another historic milestone in commercial aviation by reaching 7 million passengers/year.

The 7 millionth passenger, originating from Amsterdam, flew yesterday with the airline Transavia Holland heading for the Algarve and was welcomed with celebrations on the arrival of the Boeing 737-800 at Faro.

The young passenger 7 million, is a lover of activity sports and her arrival was celebrated at Faro by the Airport staff, and she was delighted with the offer of a unique cycling and gastronomic experience in the Algarve. This gift from the Faro Airport Management was intended to offer its primary customer a unique and unforgettable experience of the Algarve, and at the same time, emphasise the strategic initiatives for product diversification in the region as fundamental aspects in the promotion of the sustainability of what is a tourist region of excellence, all year round.

We should remember that in 2014 Faro Airport reached 6 Million Passengers and has shown an overall growth since the beginning of this year of 17.9%.