In 2016, a total of 7,632,857 passengers travelled through Faro Airport (ANA/VINCI Airports), a number which constitutes a new record and represents a growth of 18.5 per cent vis-à-vis 2015. The number of movements increased 18.7 per cent to 53,427.

In the past few years, the number of passengers and movements has been growing above expectations and to adjust the terminal’s capacity to the demand increase and to meet the expected evolution in operations, which require considerable traffic, there are ongoing expansion and remodelling works that, in total, imply an investment of 35 million euros from ANA/VINCI Airports. We also seek to integrate the Terminal Area into the city of Faro’s new concept of land accessibility. The construction works are expected to end this July.

The actions began in 2009, with the construction work, which will increase the terminal’s boarding and disembarking capacity from 2,400 to 3,000 people per hour, now taking place. The terminal will grow from 81,200 m2 to 93,120 m2. The security and retail areas, which have gone unchanged since the end of the 90s, will also be revitalised, reshaped and expanded. This adjusts the passenger terminal’s capacity to a new system of runways which allows 30 movements per hour, instead of 24, and parking of 30 to 37 aircraft.

The opening of the new security control area is expected to take place during the 1st quarter of the year and will enable increasing the current 11 processing lines to 17.

During that same period, the Check-in 1 area, whose expansion is integrated in the expansion of the departures and arrivals public hall along the building’s entire north face (6,324 m2), will also open.