Next Monday, 5 June, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal will celebrate World Environment Day at its airports. Under the theme of Biodiversity and Conservation of Species, the action directed at the passengers will have the motto: “We take care of future generations”.

This celebration is an opportunity to inform the public and, particularly, the passengers going through ANA’s airports on this day, that the company is socially responsible, concerned with the environment, especially with natural conservation and biodiversity.

ANA strives to perform an active, conscious, and balanced daily management to ensure the environmental safety of the airport operations and the safeguarding of the existing natural resources, in line with VINCI Airports’ environmental policy.

For a few years, the company has funded – almost exclusively – national associations working in the area of conservation of nature and biodiversity, thus providing them with greater support for their activities. These NGOs will be present in the Portuguese airports to support the event, publicizing their work and interacting with the public via exhibitions.

The action will include, in Lisbon and Porto, the presence of CERVAS (Centre for Ecology, Recovery and Surveillance of Wild Animals); in Faro, the presence of RIAS (Centre for Recovery and Research of Wild Animals of Ria Formosa) and, in Madeira, the presence of SPEA (Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds).

The focus of this event is to promote interaction between passengers, company and NGOs, in an environmental awareness action about the conservation of national species. Thus, these associations will divulge the work carried out in hosting, clinical support and release of injured animals, raising awareness about the most important species inhabiting the national territory; simultaneously, ANA will present the various environmental management activities developed in its airports, taking into account the specificities of the specific qualities of the regions where these are implemented.

The action will take place in each airport’s public area (except for Porto airport, where the restricted area will be used), between the 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. This action will not take place in the airports managed by ANA in the Azores since a regional holiday is celebrated on this date (Day of the Autonomous Region of the Azores).